Wooden panel falls from elevator ceiling hitting passenger’s arm

Incident Investigation

Wooden panel falls from elevator ceiling hitting passenger’s arm

September 19, 2018

Elevating Devices

Reference Number:

II-763515-2018 (#8646)

While a passenger was riding down the elevator, a piece of cosmetic wooden panel fell from the ceiling brushing the passenger’s right forearm.

Elevator cab interior cosmetic panels made of white laminate on plywood are securely fastened to the shell of the elevator cab by various methods (e.g. mechanical fasteners/ adhesive) and must not detach during regular usage. During an acceptance inspection a contract speed buffer test ensures that the cosmetic interior panels of the elevator is still intact after the test.

The wooden ceiling panel was attached to the ceiling shell of the elevator cab with an adhesive. Through time and constant vibration the adhesive no longer held the wooden panel to the ceiling, allowing it to become loose and fall to the ground.

During investigation it was found:

  • The wooden panel that had fallen down was not located. A photograph was provided below to show missing panel (Photo 1)
  • Location of the missing panel could be seen from inside the cab. (Photo 2)
  • Inspection of the area where the panel fell from and of other panels indicated adhesive was used to fasten panels.

The wooden panel falling was likely due to the fastening method used or the type/amount of adhesive used was not suitable for this type of installation resulting in the adhesive becoming loose over time and contributing to the panel falling.

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