Directive: Electrical work not subsumed in passenger ropeway permits


Directive: Electrical work not subsumed in passenger ropeway permits

May 6, 2010

Passenger Ropeways

Reference Number:

D-P3 040826 6

This Directive is being issued by a provincial safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

General Details

Section 13 of the Electrical Safety Regulation (ESR) states that a separate permit for electrical work is not required if the electrical work is subsumed under a permit issued to do work on an elevating device or gas system that includes electrical work. This directive is being issued to passenger ropeway operators and contractors and to licensed electrical contractors to specify that electrical work is not included in permits issued to install, alter or operate a passenger ropeway.

Specific Details

The ESR states, at section 13, that a separate electrical permit is not required if another elevating device or gas permit already exists that covers the electrical work. It is hereby directed that permits issued to perform work on passenger ropeways do not cover electrical work. This applies to both installation and operating permits issued in respect of passenger ropeways.

All electrical work that is performed on a passenger ropeway must be performed under a separate electrical permit issued in accordance with the Safety Standards Act, Safety Standards General Regulation (SSGR), and the ESR. All electrical work performed on passenger ropeways must, as a result, be performed by appropriately qualified or supervised electrical workers and only under a permit to perform that electrical work (i.e., unless the work is exempted from permit requirements under ESR section 18). In the result, passenger ropeway operators may only perform in-house electrical installations, alterations, and maintenance on the electrical components of their passenger ropeways if they have appropriately qualified staff. Otherwise, passenger ropeway operators are required to contract with a licensed electrical contractor to perform electrical work. In all cases, a separate electrical permit is required.



Rick May

Provincial Safety Manager, Electrical

Tom Hamilton

Provincial Safety Manager, Passenger Ropeways & Amusement Rides



Electrical Safety Regulation

Exemption if electrical work subsumed in permit for elevating device or gas work

13 If a person holds a permit under the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation or the Gas Safety Regulation to do work on an elevating device or gas system that includes electrical work, no additional permit under this regulation is required to do the electrical work.




B.C. Reg. 100/2004       Electrical Safety Regulation

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