Directive: Propane Facility Operations and Maintenance Procedures


Directive: Propane Facility Operations and Maintenance Procedures

December 5, 2017


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This Directive is being issued by a provincial safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

General Details
This Directive sets out the policies for the development and documentation of operating procedures for day to day operation, emergency procedures and maintenance procedures of propane facilities in accordance with CSA B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling Code.

Specific Details
As set out in Appendix 2 of Ministerial Order M297 deposited as B.C. Reg. 209/2016 (attached to this directive), CSA B149.2:20 will come into effect as of November 1, 2017. 

CSA B149.2 Clause 7.22 requires the establishment of operation and maintenance procedures for propane facilities:

7.22 Operations and maintenance procedures

7.22.1 General

Procedures shall be established appropriate to tank systems, filling plants, container refill centres, and other facilities where liquid propane is piped to a vaporizer or process, as follows:
(a) operating procedures sufficient to ensure safety and reliability in the day-to-day operation of the facility; and
(b) maintenance procedures, covering testing, inspection, monitoring, and documenting the equipment, its repair and general up keep.

The requirements for operations and maintenance procedures apply to facilities required to hold an operating permit in accordance with section 28(1)(a)(b)(c) or (h) of the Gas Safety Regulation (GSR):

  • Container refill centers – facilities, including buildings, consisting of propane storage containers, piping and dispensing systems where liquid propane is transferred to containers
  • Dispensing systems - a system consisting of tank, pump and motor, propane dispenser, and associated piping, for the storage, metering, and dispensing of liquid propane into containers or vehicle fuel containers
  • Filling (bulk) plants  – facilities for the distribution of liquid propane consisting of propane storage tanks and equipment for the transfer of liquid propane to or from rail cars, tank trucks or dispensing to containers or vehicle fuel containers
  • Tank heaters – facilities with a form of vaporizer used to apply heat either directly to a portion of the container surface in contact with propane liquid or indirectly by circulating propane liquid from the container to the device and then back to the container
  • Tank systems – facilities with a container or assembly of containers designed and fabricated in accordance with CSA B51 for the storage of propane in above ground, underground or mounded tanks
  • Vaporizer – facilities with a device for converting liquid propane to vapour by means other than atmospheric heat transfer through the surface of the container

Owners or operators of propane facilities set out in this directive required to hold an operating permit in accordance with section 28(1)(a)(b)(c) or (h) of the Gas Safety Regulation, shall develop and implement a management program that includes policies, processes and procedures for the operation and maintenance of the facility which:

  • Comply with the Safety Standards Act, Safety Standards General Regulation, Gas Safety Regulation and CSA B149.2
  • Set relevant company policies and performance objectives,
  • Proactively identify hazards, evaluate risks, identify and implement risk mitigations measures, and conduct inspection, maintenance, and monitoring activities,
  • Establish clear responsibilities and accountabilities,
  • Provide sufficient trained and competent persons and other resources to manage the program and,
  • Administer documentation, records reporting, evaluation and continual improvement.

Technical Safety BC manual “MAN-4058-00” provides guidance for the development, documentation and implementation of operations and maintenance procedures.  The manual will assist owners and operators to establish operations and maintenance procedures that are relevant to the size and complexity of their facility.

Owners of establishments holding an operating permit issued under section 28(1)(a)(b)(c) or (h) of the Gas Safety Regulation are required to have documented operations and maintenance procedures as required by CSA B149.2:20 for renewal of operating permits after November 1, 2017.

The owner of an establishment installed after November 1, 2017, who must apply for an operating permit in accordance with section 28(1)(a)(b)(c) or (h) of the Gas Safety Regulation shall provide documented operations and maintenance procedures as required by CSA B149.2:20 as a term and condition of permit issuance.

A review to verify operations and maintenance procedures may be conducted by a safety officer after November 1, 2017 when operating permits are renewed or during annual operating permit on-site assessments in accordance with section 18 (1) (k) of the Safety Standards Act, a safety officer may request the facility’s operation and procedure manual, records or any other documentation for monitoring or auditing as part of the verification process.  

Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas


Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation 

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