Recognition of Training Programs Under the Gas Safety Regulation


Recognition of Training Programs Under the Gas Safety Regulation

July 4, 2018


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General Details

This Directive details requirements for an application to have a training program recognized under the scope of Gas Safety Regulation; Part 1, Division 1, s.4 (1) (c) and Division 2, where indicated.

Specific Details

The Gas Safety Regulation (GSR) states that individuals may perform regulated work if they have successfully completed a training program that has been recognized by a provincial safety manager as authorized under Safety Standards Act section 15 (k).

  1. In order to have a training program recognized by Technical Safety BC, the training provider will need to submit the following documentation for review and consideration:
    1. Purpose of the course (including specific details related to the regulatory requirement the course is intended to meet);
    2. Program admission requirements;
    3. The program course outline demonstrating alignment to Technical Safety BC’s syllabus;
    4. The training material, instructor’s guide and, if possible, the lesson plan;
    5. A list of all instructors who will be delivering the program, and their credentials;
    6. A list of any exam invigilators used other than the program instructor;
    7. Examination protocols utilized to administer and ensure exam security;
    8. Total minimum hours of classroom instruction;
    9. Total minimum hours of lab/shop instruction (where applicable);
    10. >Written examinations;
    11. All practical assessments;
    12. Information regarding the grading structure and minimum course passing grade;
    13. Attendance requirements for classroom instruction, lab work, and field training; and
    14. Information detailing the lab/shop facilities, tools and, equipment. (if applicable).

      Note: Training materials which are branded or have a copyright by another institution or organization may require an appropriate sign-off letter indicating use of the materials is authorized. This will be the responsibility of the applicant submitting the related material, not Technical Safety BC.
  2. Historically (grand-parented) recognized training programs that have not submitted the required documentation referenced in section 1 (a) to (n) above to Technical Safety BC may be requested to provide the required documentation to update their program recognition and maintain their program recognition status. When applicable, requests will be forwarded to any affected training program provider on a case by case basis, depending on the documented history of the training program.

If the provincial safety manager recognizes a training program in writing, the training provider must update and keep current any of the material or documentation on record (e.g., as instructors change). This information shall be provided to Technical Safety BC as soon as possible to:

Recognition of a training program is not permanent and is subject to any requirements that a provincial safety manager may specify as necessary in order to maintain the “recognized” status. A provincial safety manager may revoke recognition of a training program if, in the opinion of the provincial safety manager, the training program is no longer adequate for the stated purpose of the training.

If a training program is recognized by a provincial safety manager, individuals who have successfully completed that training will be allowed to perform regulated work that is restricted to only those activities for which the training has been recognized. For example, if the training program has been recognized for the purposes of dispensing gas only, an individual who successfully completes that program may not perform any other regulated work other than the dispensing of gas.

Individuals who successfully complete recognized training must carry evidence that they have done so at all times when performing regulated work. They must present to a safety officer upon request as required under section 18 (1) (i) of the Safety Standards Act. Acceptable evidence includes:

  1. a certificate of qualification as detailed in GSR s.4 (1) (a); or
  2. a current Technical Safety BC recognized certificate, course completion document, or wallet card issued by the training provider, as detailed in s.4 (1) (c) and s.28 (8) of the GSR.

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