Replacement Appliance Permit Decals


Directive: Replacement Appliance Permit Decals

August 27, 2012


Reference Number:

D-GA 2012-01

Revision Number:

Revision 2

This Directive is being issued to licensed gas contractors to inform them of an alternative to individual installation permits for the replacement of specific types of gas appliances.

Note: This directive is being issued only with respect to regulated work within the jurisdiction of British Columbia Safety Authority. If you are performing regulated work within an area where a local government has jurisdiction over gas safety services, please contact your local inspection office for information regarding administrative requirements in your area. British Columbia Safety Authority is not responsible for local government administrative policies and procedures.

Specific Details

This procedure applies only to like for like replacement of the following types of gas appliances located in residential occupancies, including detached housing, duplexes, condominiums, and townhouses:

  1. Hot Water Heaters with an input of 50,000 Btu/hr or less
  2. Dryers
  3. Ranges
  4. Range Tops
  5. Wall Ovens
  6. Barbeques

A decal may be used for a hot water heater replacement only if there is no change required in the method of venting the appliance; a change from atmospheric (b-vent) to power venting requires an installation permit. A change from a tank-type water heater to an instantaneous type requires an installation permit; a decal is not acceptable for this type of replacement. A change in energy source for the appliance (i.e.: electricity to gas) also requires an installation permit.

The Replacement Appliance Decal Program is an alternative to individual installation permits for the replacement of gas appliances; BC Safety Authority has adopted the procedure that follows:

Gas contractors may purchase decals from BC Safety Authority and apply one to each replacement applianceat the time of installation. The gas contractor number and the gasfitter certificate of qualification number must be recorded on the decal. These decals may be used in lieu of a regular gas installation permit.

When subsequent decals are purchased, or at a maximum of a three month interval, the gas contractor must supply BC Safety Authority with a list of appliances installed, including their location and the number of the decal applied.

This program is offered as a benefit and privilege for contractors. If a licensed contractor is found abusing the program or in contravention of the Safety Standards Act or regulations, this permission may be revoked in addition to other enforcement actions.


Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas


Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation

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