Directive: Utilization of Gas Appliances in Show Rooms


Directive: Utilization of Gas Appliances in Show Rooms

February 19, 2015


Reference Number:

D-GA 2015-02

Revision Number:

Revision 1

This Directive is being issued by a provincial safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

General Details 

To define permitting requirements when installing and replacing gas appliances used for display purposes in a showroom. 

Note: BC Safety Authority issues gas installation permits for the Province of British Columbia, except for these noted municipalities; for natural gas only. 

Municipalities issue gas installation permits for single family dwellings or if the gas meter pressure is 2PSI or less, and/or if the total connected load to the gas meter is 409,600 BTU/hr or less 

Please contact the applicable authority having jurisdiction for the specified permit requirements of that area. 

Specific Details 

Definition Showroom: 

 A room where gas appliances are exhibited for sale or where operational samples are displayed. 

New Showroom Installation Permit Requirements: 

Show room appliances are to be  indicated on the appropriate commercial installation permit application as a single appliance based on the total connected load of all the appliances being installed, the applicant is then to record as  “ other”  with the scope of work indicated as: Show Room Appliances. 

Existing Showroom Appliance Replacement Permit Options:

An establishment operating an approved show room can choose to submit an application to BC Safety Authority for a Class 8 Special Purpose Type (SPT8) Operating permit.  An approved operating permit will allow the establishment to replace showroom appliances by using appliance replacement decals. 

Terms and Conditions

  • The show room is required to maintain an appropriate log book showing installed appliances completed with replacement dates.  The log book will be audited during operating permit assessments
  • Each new or replacement show room appliance must have an appliance replacement decal affixed upon replacement 
  • Replacement needs to completed by a licensed contractor and certified individual (Class A or B Gasfitter) as indicated in Directive D-GA 2012-01 Rev 02 

Alternatively the applicant can choose to have a licensed gas contractor replace appliances utilizing the current commercial fee schedule based on individual appliance input. 

Additional Requirements 

A variance request, or additionally a design registration will be required if the venting system(s) design does not comply with the appliance certified installation instructions or the CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane installation Code for the installed appliances. 

Find information on the design registration process.


Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas 


Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation
CSA B149.1 - Natural gas and propane installation code

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