Coleman Furnace Failures

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Coleman Furnace Failures

May 19, 2010

Information Bulletin

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B-G5 070322 1

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Revision 2


BC Safety Authority is advising homeowners that failures with Coleman furnaces have been reported. Overheating of the furnace can lead to heat exchanger failures. These situations, if left unresolved, can lead to significant property damage, personal injury or death. For more information about affected furnaces and what to do, contact your local Coleman Authorized Service Center or visit You can also visit the Health Canada Consumer Products website.

Important Information

Annual servicing recommended – Have your home heating devices serviced annually to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, tasteless, non-irritating toxic gas. Basic symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are: headache, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath and confusion. You are also advised to install a Canadian-certified carbon monoxide detector in your home for added protection.

Gas furnace cleaning and servicing – Have heating appliances, including gas and oil-burning furnaces, wood-burning stoves, fireplaces and chimneys, serviced annually. This work should only be carried out by a certified gas fitter. Qualified individuals will be glad to produce their qualification wallet card when asked for proof of certification. Ask for proof of certification when contracting the services of a qualified individual.

Signs of service being required immediately

  • Pilot light outages and/or yellow or wavering burner flame
  • Continuous or intermittent odour
  • Booming noises upon start-up
  • Dying house plants
  • Condensation on the inside of the windows

Natural gas or propane will emit a strong rotten egg odour as it escapes.If you smell gas, open doors and windows, get everyone outside and away from the building, shut off the main gas supply valve found at the tank or meter and contact your gas supplier immediately.

Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas

Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation

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