Compliance and Enforcement Program - Maintenance and Use of Gas Appliance Records

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Compliance and Enforcement Program - Maintenance and Use of Gas Appliance Records

July 27, 2018

Information Bulletin

Reference Number:

IB-CE 2018-03

Topic: Gas Appliance Records

This information bulletin details the regulatory requirements for dealers to maintain records involving the sale of gas regulated products. Under Safety Standards Act (the Act) section 18, safety officers can request records from a dealer, including records which are required to be maintained under section 33 of the Gas Safety Regulation (GSR).


Appliance: a regulated product that converts gas into energy and includes any valves, controls, fittings, and components attached to or connected to it, or intended to be attached to or connected to it.

Dealer: a person or a company who disposes of (sells) regulated products.

Inspect: includes investigate, monitor and audit.

Licensed contractor: a person who is licensed under section 23 of Safety Standards Act as a licensed contractor to do regulated work in one or more disciplines specified on the licence.

Regulated Work: the assembly, manufacture, construction, installation, operation, testing, maintenance, or repair of a regulated product, and the alteration of a regulated product.

Important Information

Part A: Regulatory authority to request records for inspection

Section 18 (1) of the Act grants certain powers to safety officers in order that they can perform their duties. Safety officers may exercise any of the following powers for the purpose of collecting records in relation to gas regulated products, as detailed in the Act:

(d) inspect all regulated products and regulated work found on any premises by a safety officer;

(h) require that the names and addresses of licensed contractors or other persons engaged to do regulated work be provided, together with a statement setting out their qualifications, the nature of the work they do and when and where it is done;

(k) require that a person produce any record for inspection;

(l) require a person to produce for inspection any licence, permit, other permission, certificate or any other document issued under this Act to the person by the minister or a local government;

(m) temporarily remove a record to copy it.

Part B: Regulatory requirement for dealers to maintain records of gas appliances

According to section 33 of the GSR, the following records must be kept by a dealer for a period of at least seven years for every gas appliance the dealer sells:

(a) the name and address of the purchaser;

(b) the place of installation;

(c) the type and model number of the appliance.

Part C: Use of records obtained from dealers

Research conducted by Technical Safety BC has identified an unusually low level of contractor participation in the safety system. By association, regulated work performed without either a licence or a permit may result in elevated safety hazards resulting in an increased risk to the public.

Records related to the sale of gas appliances are used by Technical Safety to assess participation and further determine that work being done is in compliance with the Safety Standards Act and associated regulations. Any person or company who is engaged in the performance of regulated work for others must hold a valid Technical Safety BC contractor licence and, when required, obtain the appropriate permit for the work they perform.

Failure to comply with the above detailed requirements may result in enforcement action and, in some circumstances, this action may result directly from any initial finding.

For more information regarding Technical Safety BC and enforcement, please visit our enforcement web page at:

Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager - Gas


Bill 19 – 2003 Safety Standards Act
B.C. Reg. 103/2004 Gas Safety Regulation
B.C. Reg. 105/2004 Safety Standards General Regulation

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