Dover-Turnbull Canada Counterweight (CWT) Frames for High-Speed Elevators

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Dover-Turnbull Canada Counterweight (CWT) Frames for High-Speed Elevators

April 25, 2024

Information Bulletin
Elevating Devices

Reference Number:

IB-ED 2024-01

Cracks developed on Dover-Turnbull Canada CWT frames uprights


1. General details

This bulletin aims to notify duty holders of a field bulletin from TK Elevator, dated December 5, 2022 (“Bulletin”), regarding Dover-Turnbull Canada counterweight frames for high-speed elevators manufactured between 1977 and 1983, specifically those featuring a "U" type crosshead (i.e., top beam) section.

The bulletin addresses the potential emergence of cracks on counterweight frames near the upper crosshead welds. We are notifying all contractors and owners of the affected units about the required actions outlined in the attached bulletin;

  • Affected counterweight frames are required to undergo a thorough assessment for cracks in the upright stiles and inspected for proper welds on the top beam;
  • Where cracks or improper welds are found, an alteration to the counterweight frame is required to install the retrofit kit.

Procedures for the inspection of counterweight frames and retrofit installation are provided in the bulletin.

Where cracks in the counterweight frame are identified during assessment, the elevator should be presumed to be unsafe and removed from service under EDSR s. 21(5) and remain out of service until the required actions in the attached bulletin are complete.


2. Documentation

If an alteration to the counterweight assembly is required as part of the corrective action, the contractors must submit a minor alteration permit referencing CSA B44-16 clause for approval; Technical information documents confirming conformance to the requirements of the applicable code must be submitted as part of a minor alteration permit application as required by EDSR 25(1). An inspection will not be required for an alteration related to the bulletin.

The on-site documentation for all altered units must be updated as required by CSA B44-16 Section 8.6.


Nav Chahal,
Provincial Safety Manager - Transportation



Safety Standards Act
Elevating Devices Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation
ASME A17.1-2016/CSA B44-16
Directive D-L4 110803 5: Major and minor alterations

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