Information Bulletin: Gas safety inspection of recreational vehicles

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Gas safety inspection of recreational vehicles

May 19, 2010

Information Bulletin

Reference Number:

B-G5 051206 6

Revision Number:

Revision 3

This information bulletin details recommended procedures for propane gas system inspections on certified recreational vehicles.

When a certified recreational vehicle equipped with gas appliances is re-sold, it is recommended that the propane gas system and appliances be inspected for safe operation by a recreational vehicle service shop that holds a valid gas operating permit with Technical Safety BC. A decal will be affixed to the vehicle to indicate it passed inspection. This recommendation applies to private sales and commercial sales regardless of the type of business making the sale.

Specific Details

Motor vehicle dealers registered with the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC (VSA) are required to ensure that any used recreational vehicle offered for sale has had a recent propane system safety inspection and that the vehicle displays a valid Technical Safety BC inspection decal. This propane gas system safety inspection will ensure that the system is leak-tight and operating correctly in order to avoid potential related risks such as explosions, fires, or carbon monoxide poisoning. A safety inspection includes a gas system leak test, an examination of on-board appliances, and checks to ensure safe operation.

The decal should be affixed to the exterior of the recreational vehicle in an accessible location, preferably in close proximity to the propane container(s). More information is available on the VSA website.

A recreational vehicle brought in for repair or servicing doesn’t need to be re-inspected and decaled but the service shop must record the work performed in its log and on a new recreational vehicle form. Both of these must be signed-off by the recreational vehicle installation and service technician who performed the work.


David Gionet
Provincial Safety Manager