Gas Venting Only Qualification

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Gas Venting Only Qualification

November 2, 2012

Information Bulletin

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IB-GA 2012-02

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Revision 1

This Information Bulletin covers the scope of authorized work for the Gas Venting Certificate of Qualification.

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Gas Venting Certificate of Qualification (GVCQ) scope of authorized work.

When the Gas Venting Certificate of Qualification was first introduced, the need to place terms and conditions upon issuance of this class type was not required. The intent was to permit those installing sheet metal in residential and light commercial installations to also install B-vent systems.

Due to technological changes, the evolving complexity of gas appliances, and their related specialized venting systems, the GVCQ as described in the Gas Safety Regulation requires additional clarification of the scope of authorized work.

Gas Venting Certificate of Qualification

  1. An applicant for a gas venting certificate of qualification must:
    1. be the holder of an industry training credential in sheet metal, plumbing, steamfitting, refrigeration or sprinkler fitting acceptable to a provincial safety manager, or
    2. have an equivalent combination of experience and training acceptable to a provincial safety manager.
  2. A gas venting certificate of qualification entitles the holder to alter, repair and install venting under an appropriate permit.

Please note that effective December 01, 2012 under section 27 (3) of the Safety Standards Act the following terms and conditions will be placed upon a newly issued GVCQ:

The GVCQ scope is as follows:

  1. Includes: Category I gas appliances that have a maximum individual input up to and including 120 kW (409,000 Btu/hr). – these are appliances approved for B-vent, BW vent, or L vent and are not approved for Type BH special venting systems.

  2. Includes: Other venting installations for CAT II, III and IV appliances with a maximum individual input up to and including 120 kW (409,000 Btu/hr). – these are installations that require a Type BH special venting system.

  3. Not included: The vent for a direct vent fireplace as it is system certified with the appliance and therefore is an integral part of the fireplace. These systems must be installed as part of the appliance by a Class A or Class B gas fitter.

Also note that a holder of a GVCQ must be employed by a registered Gas Contractor in order to install gas venting systems, and may not be named on any class of permit. The Class A or B gasfitter named on the permit remains responsible for the venting system. This includes the selection of venting material(s), configuration, and sizing, and compliance with applicable Codes, Directives and Bulletins.


Eric Skehor

Provincial Safety Manager, Gas

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