New Permit Category: Extra Low Voltage / Low Energy Decals

Information Bulletin

New Permit Category: Extra Low Voltage / Low Energy Decals

June 19, 2015

Information Bulletin

Reference Number:

IB-EL 2013-02

Revision Number:

Rev 2

An extra low voltage / low energy decal gives the holder preauthorized permission to perform certain regulated work without needing to apply to Technical Safety BC for a permit. This permit category is meant to provide time and cost savings to clients who need a large number of this permit type. Decals can be purchased in blocks of 25.Costs can be found in the electrical fee schedule, under the “Multi-permit Extra-Low Voltage/ Low Energy” heading.

How to Get Decals:

  1. Apply for the decals by completing the Electrical Decal Purchase Form 1471 and visiting any Technical Safety BC office or contacting us at 1 866 566 7233.
  2. Once you have paid for the decals, you will be emailed the Decal Tracking Form, which is an excel spreadsheet that you must maintain.

Terms and Conditions of Decal Use:

  1. The decals are valid only for extra low voltage/low energy equipment, such as alarm systems and central vacuums, where job installation value is under $250.00 (excluding utilization equipment). They cannot be used as part of a larger permit or job.
  2. Decals are valid for one year after purchase. They are non-transferable and refunds are not issued for unused decals.
  3. A decal must be affixed directly to the equipment upon completing the installation.
  4. You must submit an electronic decal tracking form with the updated status for each outstanding decal issued to you every six months.
  5. Electrical contractors (classes A, B, C, LO, and SA) who are on good standing with Technical Safety BC are eligible to participate in the decal program. Failure to maintain good standing may negate your participation in the decal program. Technical Safety BC reserves the right to withhold, suspend or revoke a contractor’s participation in the decal program.
  6. Improper application or misuse of a decal for work not within the intended scope for this decal will result in the suspension or revocation of your participation in the decal program. Additional enforcement action may also be pursued.
  7. Requests for additional decals will not processed until the electronic decal tracking form for all previously issued decals, if applicable, are submitted to Technical Safety BC.

How to Track Your Decals:

Once your application for decals has been approved, you will be emailed an electronic decal tracking form (spreadsheet) for recording and tracking your use of these decals. This form must be submitted electronically to Technical Safety BC every six months from the date your decals were issued. The information in the spreadsheet must include the following:

  • Decal number
  • Installation date
  • Equipment type
  • Installation details
  • FSR certification number
  • Installation address with postal code
  • Client’s name

Decal tracking forms can be submitted via our contact form.

If a decal is unused within 180 days of issuance write “Unused” in column D (date of installation). Any expired and unused decals must be returned to the nearest Technical Safety BC office or mailed to:

Technical Safety BC
600-2889 E 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5M 4T5

For questions and further information regarding extra low voltage/low energy decals please contact us at 1 866 566 7233.

Provincial Safety Manager