Information Bulletin: Northern Elevator Controller Update

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Northern Elevator Controller Update

July 19, 2021

Information Bulletin
Elevating Devices

Reference Number:

IB-ED 2021-01

1. General Details

This information bulletin provides guidance to contractors on the installation and testing of the Northern Elevator controller drift module which was developed by TK Elevator (Canada) Limited (“TK”) to enhance the Northern Elevator controller reaction to unintended car movement.

2. Regulatory Requirements

Technical Safety BC has been informed of an upgrade produced by TK which is now available for the controller.

Technical Safety BC will consider the upgrade to the controller as a minor alteration and, pursuant to section 25 of the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation (EDSR), a technical information package will be required to be submitted for each device being altered, including identification of the scope of work on the permit as “TK Drift Module Northern Elevator Controller Upgrade.”

Upon completion of the upgrade, a contractor or mechanic must submit a signed declaration within 30 days of completion of the work pursuant to section 12(3)(a) of the EDSR and must request an inspection within 60 days of returning the device to service as per section 12(3)(b) of the EDSR by submitting the declaration.

An inspection of each altered device will not be required, however, Technical Safety BC may request an inspection of any device which has received the controller upgrade. The contractor installing the upgrade must make available to a safety officer a certified elevating device mechanic to assist in the inspection if an inspection has been requested pursuant to section 12(5) of the EDSR.

3. Installation requirements

This upgrade may be installed by mechanics employed by TK provided the individual has received documented training from TK for the installation of the drift module upgrade.

The upgrade may also be installed by elevator contractors other than TK, provided the following conditions are met:

a) Prior to commencing the work, any mechanic who will be performing the work, shall be trained by TK in accordance with TK upgrade procedures. Upon completion of the training, TK must provide a document to the mechanic stating they have successfully completed the training. TK will provide the training free of charge.

b) An elevator contractor wishing to install the upgrade must maintain a list of all mechanics who are trained in the upgrade procedure. The list shall include the name of the mechanic, date of training, and the mechanic certification number.

4. Documentation

The procedures for inspection and tests of the drift module must be written and permanently kept on-site in the machine room in hard copy in compliance with the requirements of of the CSA B44-2016 code.

Upon successful completion of the tests, as specified in the drift module test procedures, an acceptance test tag in accordance with CSA B44-2016 code must be attached to the controller of each unit and an acceptance test record in accordance with section CSA B44-2016 shall form part of the permanent maintenance records in accordance with CSA B44-2016 code.

Where the tests were not witnessed by a safety officer, the name of the safety officer along with the safety officer’s ID number shall be omitted.

Cam Surine, Provincial Safety Manager – Transportation (Acting)

Safety Standards Act
Elevating Devices Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation