Overhead line guidelines

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Overhead line guidelines

May 19, 2010

Information Bulletin

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B-E3 090312 1

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Revision 3

Topic: Overhead lines 

This information bulletin acts as a guideline for recommended best practices and should be used in conjunction with the BC Electrical Code, Part 1, Technical Safety BC Bulletin IB-EL-2016-02 “High Voltage Installations,” C22.3 NO. 1-15 – Overhead Systems and other standards referenced in the document. This bulletin was developed by the Electrical Technology Advisory Committee through consultation with the industry.

Provincial Safety Manager

Safety Standards Act 
Electrical Safety Regulation 
Safety Standards General Regulation 
Safety Standards Act Repeal and Transitional Provisions Regulations 
C22.3 NO. 1-15 - Overhead systems

Download the PDF below for the BC Guideline for Overhead Line Construction

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