Panelboards in “Secondary Suites”

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Panelboards in “Secondary Suites”

February 8, 2023

Information Bulletin

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IB-EL 2023-03

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Revision 1

The following bulletin provides guidance on the application of rules pertaining to the 2021 BC Electrical Code Regulation. The requirements of local municipal authorities having jurisdiction may vary. Prior to undertaking work, installers should consult with local authorities having jurisdiction to determine their requirements.


This bulletin provides clarification on Rule 26-602 for requirements of installing panelboards in a subdivision(s) of a dwelling unit.

Code Definitions Related to Rule 26-600

Dwelling Unit – one or more rooms for the use of one or more persons as a housekeeping unit with cooking, eating, living, and sleeping facilities.

There is no definition for “secondary suite” in the BC Electrical code. Suite is understood to mean a self-contained dwelling unit located within a building of residential occupancy that contains another dwelling unit, where both dwelling units constitute a single real estate entity.

View the Panelboards in Secondary Suites pdf for additional information including scenarios of panelboard requirements.

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