Propane Cylinder Filling Requirements

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Propane Cylinder Filling Requirements

May 17, 2012

Information Bulletin

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IB--GA 2012-01

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Revision 1


Authorized propane refueling centers are reminded of the following CSA B149.2 code requirements when filling or refilling approved propane cylinders. 

Important Information

An approved propane cylinder shall be filled by the following methods in accordance with CSA B149.2


   (a) Weight - a maximum water weight capacity of 42%. This is based on an approximate 0.51 relative density for propane.

   (b) Volume - a maximum 80% of volume capacity when the cylinder is equipped with a fixed-liquid-level gauge designed for the cylinder. This is based on an approximate 0.51 relative density for propane. 

Do not use a float gauge (OPD style cylinder) or a dispensing meter to determine maximum cylinder filling density.

Do not refill a cylinder meeting TC Specification 39M, 2P, or 2Q and known as a “single-use” or “non­refillable” cylinder.

Individuals who transfer propane must have a certificate of qualification resulting from the successful completion of a training course recognized and approved by a provincial safety manager. Refer to Directive: D-GA-2017-01 for a list of recognized courses.

If an authorized propane refueling center is found in contravention of safe filling practices they may be subject to suspension or cancelation of their operating permit.


Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas


Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation CSA B149.2 -Propane storage and handling code 

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