Propane Vaporizer Emergency Shutdown System Requirements

Information Bulletin

Propane Vaporizer Emergency Shutdown System Requirements

August 16, 2017

Information Bulletin

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IB-GA 2017-05


BC Safety Authority requirements for installation of propane vaporizer emergency shutdown systems as indicated in CSA B149.2 - 2015 Propane storage and handling code (B149.2) clause 9.1.10.

Important information

B149.2 clause 9.1.10 currently requires an emergency shutdown system to be located 25 feet (7.6 m) from a direct-fired vaporizer and propane tank. This requirement is intended to ensure that the propane fuel supply to the direct-fired vaporizer can be shut off from a safe location in the event of a fire or propane gas leak.

BCSA has identified B149.2, clause 9.1.10, 2015 edition, difficult to implement. Based on these findings the B149.2 technical committee has endorsed the following revision to B149.2 clause 9.1.10, 2020 edition.

“An emergency shutdown system shall be installed in any tank system supplying propane to a direct-fired vaporizer. The emergency shutdown system may be of electrical, pneumatic or mechanical type or a combination thereof and the means to activate the emergency shutdown system shall be located at least 25 feet (7.6 m) from the direct-fired vaporizer/s. The emergency shutdown system when activated shall initiate shut-off of the liquid line at the tank location that is connected to the vaporizer.”

For installations where the requirements of B149.2, clause 9.1.10, 2015 edition may be difficult to implement due to restriction of the site footprint size, an application for variance can be submitted to the regional area gas safety officer, based on demonstrated compliance to 2020 revision of B149.2 clause 9.1.10.

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Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas

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CSA B149.2 - Propane storage and handling code

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