Section 4 - Conductors

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Section 4 - Conductors

October 5, 2022

Information Bulletin

Reference Number:

IB-EL 2016-06

Revision Number:

Revision 2

Topic: Conductors

The following bulletin provides guidance on applying the rules from the 2018 BC Electrical Code Regulation. The requirements of local municipal authorities having jurisdiction may vary. Installers should consult with local authorities having jurisdiction, before starting work, to determine their requirements.

Ampacities of Underground Conductors - General

Rule 4-004, subrule 1) f), and subrule 2) f) are interpreted as follows:

When the ampacity of a conductor is selected in accordance with item f) and subsequently increased in size due to voltage drop requirements to #1/0 and larger, the conductor may be installed in compliance with rule 12-012.

Ampacities of Underground Conductors – Residential Installations

3 wire 120/240 V and 120/208 V service conductors for single dwellings and feeders supplying single dwelling units of row housing, apartment, and similar buildings and terminating on equipment having a conductor termination temperature of not less than 75 C shall be sized in accordance with Tables 2 or 4.

Service conductors and feeder conductors selected in accordance with this subrule are permitted to be installed in accordance with rule 12-012.

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