ThyssenKrupp Elevator 340 Machine Brake Upgrade

Information Bulletin

ThyssenKrupp Elevator 340 Machine Brake Upgrade

January 23, 2018

Information Bulletin
Elevating Devices

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Topic: Requirements for Installing the 340 Machine Brake Upgrade

Technical Safety BC has been informed of an upgrade produced by ThyssenKrupp Elevator which is now available for 340 machine brakes. The upgrade, while not mandatory, was developed to provide better reliability, reduce brake wear, and maintenance cost. A numbered installation kit is available through ThyssenKrupp Elevator to contractors who service and maintain devices equipped with the 340 machine.

This upgrade may be installed by elevator contractors other than ThyssenKrupp Elevator provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Prior to commencing any upgrades on the 340 machine brake, any mechanic who will be performing the work shall be trained by ThyssenKrupp Elevator in accordance with ThyssenKrupp Elevator brake upgrade procedures. Upon completion of the training, ThyssenKrupp Elevator shall provide a document to the mechanic stating they have received the training. ThyssenKrupp Elevator will provide the training free of charge.
  2. Any elevator contractor wishing to install the upgrade kit shall provide a list of ALL mechanics who are trained in the upgrade procedure to Technical Safety BC. The list shall include the name of the mechanic, date of training, and the mechanic’s certification number.
  3. After completion of the brake upgrade, a signing officer or supervisor from the contractor installing the upgrade shall submit the declaration form (FRM-1590) stating the work has been completed in accordance to the upgrade procedure.
  4. The log book for the device shall be updated and shall include the mechanic’s name and certificate number, the date of completion, and the serial number of the brake upgrade kit.

At this time, Technical Safety BC will NOT require an alteration submission. However, Technical Safety BC may request an inspection of any device which has received the brake upgrade. The contractor installing the upgrade shall provide a mechanic, when required, to assist in the inspection when an inspection has been requested.


Nav Chahal, Acting Safety Manager,
Elevating, Amusements, and Ropeways
Technical Safety BC



Safety Standards Act
Elevating Devices Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation

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