Two-Piece Gas Ball Valves - Avoiding Accidental Disassembly

Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin: Two-Piece Gas Ball Valves - Avoiding Accidental Disassembly

January 30, 2015

Information Bulletin

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IB-GA 2015-01

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Revision 1


Recently there have been cases in British Columbia where Canadian Certified two-piece gas rated ball valves have been accidently disassembled during routine work on gas piping systems which lead to an incident.

Important Information

Two-piece ball valves which incorporate a threaded body in their design may not have a system to guard against inadvertent disassembly of the end fitting. This can result in an uncontrolled release of gas (live open gas line). For this reason, when working with these valve types, an appropriate back-up wrench should be placed on the valve component (body or end adapter) nearest the connection that is being adjusted. Correct use of the required back-up wrench eliminates the hazard related to accidental disassembly of the valve. Always refer to the related valves instructions for installation, tightening, removal and servicing guidelines specific to the approved ball valve being used.

Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas

Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation
CSA B149.1 - Natural gas and propane installation code

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