Safety Advisory: Providing point protection for shoving movements

Safety Advisory

Safety Advisory: Providing point protection for shoving movements

April 7, 2020

Safety Advisory

Reference Number:

SA-RW 2017-02

This Safety Advisory is being issued to provincially-regulated railways and is subject to the Railway Act, Railway Safety Act, and associated regulations.

Date of Revision: March 10, 2020



The following advisory is to notify provincially regulated railways of the potential risks associated with shoving equipment.

There is a hazard to safe railway operations when railway equipment is being shoved. This hazard arises when a crew member is not on the leading piece of equipment or on the ground in a position to observe the track to be used when shoving railway equipment.


Recommended actions

All provincial railways should have rules and procedures in place to safely control shoving movements.

Technical Safety BC recommends that all railway employees be trained at a minimum to meet the following requirements before undertaking any shoving movements:

  1. That all railway employees understand and are compliant with the railway’s procedures for providing point protection for shoving movements;
  2. That the railway’s point protection procedure meets and is compliant with:
    • The railway’s GOI and/or SWP, or similar instructions;
    • Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR):
      1. Rule 106 Crew Responsibilities
      2. Rule 115 Shoving Equipment
      3. Rule 121 Positive Identification
      4. Rule 123.2 Switching By Radio; and
  3. That the railway conduct regular compliance audits to ensure that proper procedures are being adhered to.



Following proper procedures when shoving equipment is imperative to safe railway operations. Failure to follow proper procedures when shoving railway equipment may result in enforcement measures being taken against the railway.

If your railway is unclear on the proper application of procedures for providing point protection for shoving movements, please contact Technical Safety BC for clarification.


Arne Vigen
Technical Leader, Railway
Technical Safety BC

For additional information, please contact Technical Safety BC’s railway program administration at 778 396 2063 or email