Safety Order: Visual inspection of Doppelmayr DT-104 detachable grips

Safety Order

Safety Order: Visual inspection of Doppelmayr DT-104 detachable grips

May 6, 2010

Safety Order
Passenger Ropeways

Reference Number:

SO-P4 060117 1

This safety order is being issued pursuant to section 31 of the Safety Standards Act. A person affected by this safety order may appeal this order, in writing, to the Safety Standards Appeal Board in accordance with Section 51 of the Safety Standards Act. It is an offence under section 72 to not comply with a safety order.

Part 1: Details of regulated work or regulated product

This safety order is being issued in relation to a specific regulated product.

An incident involving the inadvertent disassembly of a Doppelmayr DT-104 during operation has been reported to the British Columbia Safety Authority. It has been determined that the split pin, 24mm groove nut, guide roller and spacer sleeve became separated from a DT-104 detachable grip during operation. At this time, none of the components noted above have been recovered for further inspection. The hanger arm remained in its normal position on the hanger axle. The grip entered the return station decelerator rail and detached normally from the haul rope. The ropeway shut down automatically following the activation of a “grip not open reverse” safety switch located on the decelerator rail. It has not been determined at which point the grip became disassembled. Subsequent inspection of 100% of all DT-104 grips at the ski area revealed three other grips which had missing split pins. Groove nuts, running wheels and spacer sleeves were still in place on these three DT-104 grips.

Part 2: Requirement(s) of this safety order

It is hereby ordered that, effective immediately, all operators of ropeways using Doppelmayr DT-104 grips take the following actions:

  • Within 24 hours of receiving this safety order, visually inspect all Doppelmayr DT-104 grips and determine that split pins (cotter pins) and 24mm groove nuts

are in place on the grip and that these fastening elements have been installed as per manufacturers specifications;

  • Ensure that all split pin (cotter pin) and groove nut fastening elements on DT-104 grips meet manufacturer’s specifications. Note that these specific components may only be used once.
  • If any missing or incorrectly installed fastening elements are discovered on DT-104 grips, these findings shall be reported to your British Columbia Safety Authority safety officer within 24 hours.

Any requests for clarification on the interpretation of this safety order can be made to your safety officer.

Part 3: Details of issue (if applicable)

This safety order is being issued to all British Columbia passenger ropeway contractors’ who are operating Doppelmayr DT-104 grips.

Part 4: Details of ordering Safety Manager or Safety Officer – please read following page

I certify that I am authorized to issue this safety order in accordance with section 15 (d) of the Safety Standards Act or that I have been delegated this power under section 15 (g) of the Safety Standards Act.


Greg Paddon                                                                                                     Date: January 17th, 2006

A/Provincial Safety Manager, Passenger Ropeways

Safety Standards Act                    
Elevating Devices Safety Regulation