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State of Safety 2017 - Management Discussion

In 2017, we saw 11 fatalities (not including suicides) involving regulated equipment and work. One of those was a carbon monoxide incident where a family of four died, one instance was caused by runaway railway equipment which killed three workers, and another was an ammonia release incident which killed three workers. These tragedies remind us that safety is a shared responsibility and strengthen our resolve to mitigate safety risks.

2017 Business Plan Safety Pyramid

Risk Trends Viewed in 2017

Managing Safety Risks

To better understand safety risks and the best ways to manage them, Technical Safety BC continues to invest in information systems and analytics to complement our safety officers' technical knowledge. Some examples from 2017:

Looking Ahead to 2018

In 2018, we will focus on three strategic priorities:

  1. Technical Safety Risk - detecting and mitigating emerging and known technical safety risks in the province.
  2. Advancing the Safety System - using information technology to increase focus on safety.
  3. Province-wide Technical Safety Insight - taking an integrated approach to technical safety in BC.