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State of Safety 2017 - Assessment of Regulated Work

Safety officers conduct assessments on a daily basis. Findings are presented below. 


Compliance Findings

The chart above compares the compliance outcomes of physical assessments relative to the total physical assessments in each regulated industry sector. The values have been normalized as a percentage of the overall assessment volumes to accommodate the differences between assessment volumes in each industry sector. Compliance outcomes are Pass, Conditional Pass, or Fail, as defined in our Glossary (see "Assessment").

The specific quantities of the assessments, along with assessment outcomes as a percentage of total assessments completed in each sector, can be seen by hovering over the chart above.


Hazard Findings

During each physical assessment of regulated work, safety officers will identify hazards found and document the single highest hazard. These are referenced to be as-found hazards as they reflect what the safety officers discovered when they initially observed the duty holders’ work or equipment. As-found hazards are important as they provide an indication of how well duty holders independently understand and fulfill their safety obligations. Hazard rating assignments range from Insignificant to Severe. Definitions of these assignments are provided below:

0 Compliant No hazards were observed during the assessment and the work was found to comply with the codes and regulations.






These hazards are considered to be typical and are not considered to present a significant concern to safety. Duty holders are encouraged to improve so as to prevent these from being created as a result of their work.


3 Moderate These hazards are considered to present an appreciable concern to safety. The safety system is considered compromised if duty holders do not take steps to understand and prevent these hazards.






These hazards are known to present considerable safety risks. When hazards of this nature are found, the safety system of a qualified and licensed professional working under permit to recognized codes and standards is considered to have failed.



The above chart compares the hazard ratings observed by safety officers relative to the total hazard rating in the same period in each regulated industry sector. The values have been normalized as a percentage of the overall assessments to accommodate the differences between the assessment volumes in each industry sector. A listing of all severe and major hazards found in 2017 is available via our online services, available to clients.