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State of Safety 2017 - Client Education

Technical Safety BC is committed to bringing clients and stakeholders into processes that build and refine the safety system and designs our stakeholder engagement programs to accomplish this goal. In 2017 we participated in the following activities:


Note: Direct Reach refers to Tech Talks, Wake Up and Learns and webinars. Indirect Reach refers to conferences, forums, open houses and tradeshows.

Client Education Highlights

  • 2,524 individuals took courses in our Online Learning Centre.

  • 120 live events were hosted in 2017, with attendance of 2,631 participants. This represents an 11% increase in the number of events over 2016.

  • Our live events had a 93% satisfaction rating.

  • 77% of participants said they are more confident about taking out a permit after attending "A Great Start" training.

To find out more information on our Client Education events, please visit the Learning section of our website.