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State of Safety 2017 - Compliance & Enforcement

Technical Safety BC compels compliance with the Safety Standards Act where individuals have resisted attempts to make their work or equipment compliant. Safety officers and safety managers have a variety of tools at their disposal. The use of these tools in 2017 is outlined below. 


Compliance and Enforcement Highlights in 2017

  • The Compliance and Enforcement team continued to focus efforts on increasing duty holder participation, connection, and better behavior within the province's safety system.
  • We added six new members to our team allowing us to increase our compliance and enforcement activity over 2016. 
  • The main focus of the program continues to be identifying duty holders operating outside of the safety system without a license or permits. In 2017, this included identifying and making compliant 4,011 instances of undervalued work or worked performed without a permit.
  • One of the most effective methods of understanding duty holder behavior is through the performance of compliance audits. A compliance audit provides in-depth knowledge of how a contractor operates, and offers insight as to how and why they are non-compliant with the law. This also allows the program to develop better processes for identifying gaps in the system, and allows for the systemic closing of them. Auditing efforts to-date have identified on average 210 instances of non-compliances per audit.
  • Technical Safety BC's Compliance and Enforcement team is continuing its work to statistically understand how its efforts influence safety behaviour. By doing this, we can best apply resources in the most effective ways, and through the use of education and awareness, we will continue to deliver consistent, fair, and appropriate enforcement when required.

To view full details of our Compliance & Enforcement activities in 2017, please see our Compliance & Enforcement Report