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State of Safety 2017 - Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement team is dedicated to building better connections between our stakeholders and Technical Safety BC through work with committees, advisory bodies, and hosting issue-specific consultations.

Technology Advisory Commitees

In 2017, each of the four Technology Advisory Committees met three times to discuss and make recommendations on various issues. These issues included trip and fall hazards in single speed elevators, the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, and the development of the photovoltaic working group.

Safety Standards Administrators' Group

Technical Safety BC and local governments who administer parts of the Safety Standards Act work together to build better communication through the Safety Standards Administrators’ Group. In 2017, the Safety Standards Administrators’ Group held six meetings with the goal of sharing information and working together to align regulatory matters such as unclear jurisdiction issues, the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, and electric vehicles charging management systems.

Advisory Panels

Opinions and feedback gathered from various Advisory Panels help shape the decision making process on topics needing formal panel discussions. In 2017, Technical Safety BC formed three Advisory Panels and each panel held numerous meetings:

  • The Advisory Panel of Stakeholders met once in 2017 to discuss the vision for the future of the construction industry and the technologies regulated by Technical Safety BC.
  • The Internationally Trained Workers Program Advisory Panel helped Technical Safety BC develop a tool to assess the credientials of internationally-trained workers.
  • The Elevating Devices CSA B44 Code Adoption Advisory Panel provided feedback on the implications and impacts of adopting the new Canadian Standards Association code, and identified BC-specific amendments. The two Elevating Devices advisory panels helped shape the proposals for formal consultation on the elevating devices code adoption.
  • The Elevating Devices Maintenance Control Programs Advisory Panel considered the impact of the introduction of a new requirement on elevating devices maintenance contractors, building owners, and managers.