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State of Safety 2017 - Injuries


Injuries reported as a result of incidents are an important indicator of impacts experienced from hazards inherent to the operation of regulated equipment. Reported injuries are summarized below:

Fatal Injuries

In 2017, there were 15 fatalities involving equipment or activities subject to the Safety Standards Act. Of these, four were attributed to suicide rather than to failure of regulated equipment. Technical Safety BC has implemented risk reduction measures as a result of learning from investigations into the root causes of these incidents.

Qty    Injury Type
4 Carbon monoxide exposure
Railway suicides (not related to technical equipment failure)
3 Ammonia exposure
3 Contact with runaway railway
1 Conveyor entrapment


Major Injuries

Qty         Injury Type
2 Contact with runaway railway
1 Electrical burns
1 Fall from escalator handrail
1 Multiple fractures from conveyor entrapment
1 Several burns, loss of consciousness after contact with energized high voltage equipment
1 Upper palate broken/bent, four displaced teeth


Note: Technical Safety BC receives its injury reports and descriptions from operators or first responders at the time of, or immediately following, the incident. Injuries may develop after the initial reports were made to Technical Safety BC and the long-term effects of a resultant injury may not be recorded as part of our investigation.