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Ammonia Safety Awareness Program

Ammonia Safety Awareness

The Ammonia Safety Awareness Program was developed due to the rise of ammonia-related incidents and hazards over the past few years, including the tragedy at Fernie Memorial Arena.

Developed in collaboration with industry professionals, this program provides training and downloadable tools to fill in knowledge gaps and share best practices for maintaining ammonia refrigeration equipment and systems across their lifecycle. Together, we can help prevent safety hazards and business risks to arenas and other recreational facilities.

Enrolling in the program

Enrolling in the Ammonia Safety Awareness Program will help arena owners and managers in their operational decision-making, ensuring that:

  • effective maintenance is budgeted for and occurs according to regulation
  • employee training is adequate per regulation
  • replacement plans are made for equipment reaching end-of-life

There is no cost to the training courses or downloadable resources in this program.

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