Declaration Acceptance Without an Inspection

Assessment Declarations

What Happens When Your Declaration Is Accepted Without a Remote or Physical Inspection?

With more than 250,000 installation and operating permits issued a year, we want to ensure we can maintain efficiency to ensure the safety of regulated work across the province. To achieve this, we developed the risk-based oversight program. This program uses insights based on the risks present in the safety system to guide our allocation of resources. These risks are assessed based on numerous factors, including who is doing the work, where the work is performed, and the type of work that is being conducted.

Safety Is a Shared Responsibility

When you submit an Electrical Contractor Authorization and Declaration form or a Gas Notification of Completion, Installation or Alteration form, you are confirming that the work performed under the permit complies with the Safety Standards Act and regulations.

Once submitted, your declaration is assessed by the risk-based oversight program, and a safety officer will determine whether to accept your declaration without an inspection or schedule a remote or physical inspection to further assess the work.

Safety officers are enabled by legislation to use their discretion as to whether they accept a declaration or conduct an inspection. Even if your declaration has been accepted, safety officers have the authority to conduct an inspection at a later date.

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