How to Register a Design

Design Registration


Professional engineers involved with the design of regulated equipment are required to authenticate a design that reliably demonstrates that engineered safety considerations, professional accountability, and professional reliance were exercised as part of the design development.

The qualified professional must have evaluated the design with recognized and generally accepted, good engineering practices, along with our safety standards. Design registration must occur before the construction, installation, and maintenance of the regulated equipment or technology.



For more information, see our fee schedule and learn more about how our fees are determined.

Register Your Design Online

New to our Design Registration Portal? This video gives you a step-by-step introduction on how to complete registration.

Design Registration

Register Your Design

Learn how to register your design through our Design Registration Portal

Complete Your Registration

  • If you send an application via mail or email, it will be rejected. If you have submitted your application by mail or email, you will need to resubmit it using the Design Registration Portal.
  • For boilers, pressure equipment, welding procedures, and gas technologies, an installation permit will be issued after you pay the permit fee.
  • For elevating devices, and passenger ropeways, your installation permit will automatically be sent to you once your design has been registered
  • Schedule an acceptance inspection when your equipment has been installed.
  • Pay the acceptance fee (and if applicable, the operating permit fee).
  • In-person inspections will be conducted for all new installations for elevating and passenger ropeways.

Your operating permit will be issued once you pass the inspection.

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