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Register Your Design

Are you designing or modifying complex, technical, and regulated equipment in BC? Or perhaps you’re an owner who needs to operate, purchase, install, or commission regulated equipment in BC?

It’s required by the Safety Standards Act and Regulations to have the design registered through Technical Safety BC.

Regulated Equipment and System Technologies

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Registration Is Important

By registering your design, you are also becoming a part of a larger safety system that minimizes safety risks associated with regulated equipment. Each design registered strengthens the data that we use to determine the areas of highest risk in the province, identify trends, and make informed decisions about codes and standards. In addition, your design registration allows you to:

  • Store and recall your registered designs at any time.
  • Receive guidance, risk analysis, and feedback for your design.
  • Learn about risks or hazards related to your design noted by us. This allows the opportunity to implement changes before the product is built, saving time and money.
  • Prevent incidents from occurring in your equipment. Read about findings from our incident investigations if your equipment is affected.

Requirements by Professional Engineers

Professional engineers involved with the design of regulated equipment are required to authenticate a design that reliably demonstrates that engineered safety considerations, professional accountability, and professional reliance were exercised as part of the design development. The qualified professional must have evaluated the design with recognized and generally accepted, good engineering practices, along with our safety standards. All Licensed Professional Engineers will be required to sign off on the Qualified Professional Declaration of each application.Design registration must occur before the construction, installation, and maintenance of the regulated equipment or technology. Questions? Email us.

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