Homeowner Permits

Our permits will help determine whether your work is safe and compliant to the codes and standards in BC.


Some electrical or gas work may require a homeowner permit. This permit includes assessment to make sure there is sufficient knowledge and experience for the work to be done properly and safely. It also signifies that you have met the requirements to do the work you’re proposing — be it home renovations, repairs, or building a home. In some cases, we’ll also complete a physical assessment of the work after it’s completed.


Why Are Permits Needed?

Permits are a legal requirement in BC and are often necessary for home insurance purposes. They give us data and information to help with safety oversight in the province — your permit allows us to contact you or warn others of trends in unsafe work or hazards that may lead to an incident. Failure to obtain a permit where one is needed may result in enforcement action.


Homeowner Electrical Permits

Learn about electrical homeowner permits and if one is required for your work plans.

Homeowner Gas Permits

Find out what kind of work does and does not require a gas homeowner permit.



Depending on where your property is located, either we or your municipality will issue the permit. Check your jurisdiction.

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