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Assessments at Technical Safety BC
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Assessments: Compliance

Safety compliance

Technical Safety BC works with clients and stakeholders across British Columbia to help ensure that the installation, operation, manufacturing, altering, maintaining and selling of equipment and regulated technology is compliant with the Safety Standards Act and other regulations. We administer the Safety Standards Act, applicable in most jurisdictions throughout BC.

When an organization fails to adhere with these regulations, Technical Safety BC may be required to take compliance and enforcement action. Compliance and enforcement is critical to ensure that non-compliances and hazardous conditions are rectified to prevent further harm and potential damage. Compliance and enforcement actions also provide fairness to all contractors, so that no one contractor has an economic advantage over another.

Non-compliance management

Technical Safety BC has a range of actions that are part of the enforcement process, including:

  • Warning notices
  • Monetary penalties
  • Suspension of contractor licenses or individual qualifications

View our Monetary Penalty Calculator to find out how much a non-compliance could cost you.

Voluntary Disclosure Program 

Sometimes permits can be overlooked, or projects can change in scope or value. Our Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) lets you assess your own compliance, and comply with the regulations without incurring penalties that would have resulted had you not stepped forward. As well, participation in the program keeps your enforcement history off of the public registry, which helps preserve your reputation.

For more information on our enforcement process and tools:

Get in touch with our Compliance & Enforcement team.