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Compliance and enforcement

We administer the Safety Standards Act, which applies in most jurisdictions throughout British Columbia. 

We care about compliance and enforcement because it supports the safety system. Compliance and enforcement is critical for ensuring that non-compliances and hazardous conditions are rectified and that no one contractor has an economic advantage over another.

So, if you are installing, operating, manufacturing, altering, maintaining, or selling equipment in any of the technologies we regulate and fail to adhere to the Safety Standards Act and associated regulations we may take compliance and enforcement action against you or your organization.


We may take action when compliance with the Safety Standards Act is not met. This includes when individuals have chosen to operate outside of the safety system or when they have resisted attempts to make their work or equipment compliant.

We have a range of actions that are part of the enforcement process which include warning notices, monetary penalties, and even suspension of contractor licenses or individual qualifications.

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