Can DIY home renovation videos be trusted?


Tutorial or instructional videos are one of the most popular types of content uploaded on YouTube. Though tutorial videos might be reliable for changing a tire or making a cake, home renovation videos might not be trustworthy.

If you are consulting a DIY home renovation video it’s important to use caution. It’s often difficult to determine if the information found online is correct and complete. Sometimes, the information can be wrong and it might even result in major hazards or risk of injury.

While saving money is a great incentive to doing work yourself, when it comes to electrical and gas work, a misstep could lead to serious hazards or injury.

When consulting home renovation videos ask yourself these questions before proceeding:

  • Does the individual providing the instruction have the appropriate education/certification and have the appropriate knowledge to provide such instruction?
  • Are there differences between your home and the home on the do-it-yourself example which may need to be considered?
  • Do you have access to the specific specialized tools and safety gear needed to do the job? (Substituting tools can post the risk of damage or injury.)
  • If something goes wrong and there is an unexpected outcome, are you prepared for it? If you lack experience or knowledge about a topic, for example, electrical currents, you may not react appropriately and it could lead to serious injuries.
  • If a mistake happens, will your home insurance cover it? Qualified individuals have verified licenses to carry out renovation work and typically have third-party liability insurance.

Technical Safety BC strongly encourages anyone in need of home renovations involving gas or electrical work to enlist the services of a qualified professional (find one here). If you have considered the above and believe you are able to perform electrical or gas work yourself make sure to consult our homeowner page to obtain a homeowner’s permit before you begin.

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