COVID-19 Inspection Guidelines

General work procedures:

COVID-19 Inspection Guidelines - Remote Assessment v Physical Assessment
  • We now conduct most assessments remotely, rather than in-person, for all technologies.
  • Physical assessments will only be conducted when we determine them to be critical to the safety system.
    • Our safety officers will perform an OHS hazard assessment before a site visit to evaluate hazards, including exposure to COVID-19, and determine personal protective equipment (PPE) needs.
    • Site contacts will provide safety officers with a plan that ensures that appropriate controls, compliant with WorkSafeBC and Public Health, are in place. This will include hand-washing and social distancing procedures.

All physical assessments require:

  • Minimum PPE requirements: safety boots, safety vest, eye protection, gloves, hardhat, hearing protection (if needed), and a mask (either medical or non-medical is acceptable).
  • Practice proper handwashing procedures before and after site visit.
  • Site contacts are encouraged to provide masks for their employees interacting with Technical Safety BC employees.

When site discloses COVID-19 hazard, such as sick individuals on site:

COVID-19 Inspection Guidelines - PPE, cases on-site

All options for a remote assessment must be exhausted before considering physical assessment at a site with disclosed COVID-19 Hazard. Our safety officers will require approval from their leaders before going onsite.

  • Minimum PPE requirements during visit: safety boots, eye protection, nitrile gloves, safety vest, hardhat, boot covers and Tyvek coveralls, and N95 mask. A half-mask respirator may also be used instead of a N95 (for example: gas, boiler, electrical and incident investigations). The use of N95 and half-mask respirator requires fit testing with qualified individual before use.
  • Practice proper handwashing procedures before and after site visit.