Document checklist: design registration for boilers and pressure vessels without ASME certification


Required documentation


Detailed shop drawings showing material specifications, design conditions, construction and welding details.


As required by the applicable ASME code section, which show the design is equivalent to the requirements of the Code.

Specifications for all material to be used in construction

  • Materials must be shown to be equivalent to ASME standards utilizing the procedures specified in PG-10 of Section I, UG-10 of Section VIII Division 1, or HF-206 of Section IV.
  • If reference is made to another standard or specification, attach a copy of the specification and an explanation of the equivalency. 
  • Demonstrate that all ASME material requirements, including but not limited to, melting method, melting practice, deoxidation, quality, chemical composition, strength, and heat treatment have been met.
  • Copies of all weld procedures used, welding qualification test reports for all procedures to be used and performance test reports for each welding operator or welder. 

These procedures and tests shall be in accordance with or equivalent to the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX.  All essential and non-essential requirements for weld procedures and tests in Section IX must be addressed.

Inspection agency

The manufacturer of the vessel is to identify an inspection agency whose personnel will assume the duties of the authorized inspection agency and whose personnel will carry out the duties of authorized inspector detailed in the applicable ASME Section.

Submit the following:

  • Qualifications and experience of the agency.
  • A letter or certificate from the inspection agency verifying that the manufacturer’s quality control system has been audited and meets the requirements of the applicable ASME Section.
  • The qualifications and experience of the inspectors, assigned to make the shop inspections and sign the manufacturer’s data reports for the vessels.