Document checklist: Movie and stage effects gas system design registration

For details on registering a movie and stage effects system design, see here

Required documentation


  1. Site layout P&ID (show location of E stops, and fire protection, gas detection if required).
  2. Showing classified zones and clearances.
  3. Piping layout and relief vent termination locations.
  4. Protection of tank, piping, and effects.
  5. DMX control layout and operation plan or if manually controlled detailed safety plan for control.
  6. Show compliance to NFPA 160 standard for the use of flame effects before an audience.
  7. Listing of qualified persons operating and setting up effects.
  8. For large indoor effects a heat and ventilation plan must be submitted.
  9. Detailed specifications of effect appliances.

Applicable codes

Refer to Canadian gas standards adopted as BC Natural Gas and Propane Code for latest information.