Design registration user guide

How to request for a user name and password to create an online account for design registration

  1. Click on “Design Registration” on the Technical Safety BC homepage.

    Design Registration homepage button

  2. Click on the “Create your online account for design registration” link. (located below the “register your design” button)

    Online Account Design Registration

  3. Fill in, and submit your account information. Our team will confirm your submission request and send you an email invitation to access your account.Follow the instructions to create a password and you’re ready to go.

    Submit account info


How to navigate the design registration portal

Note: Please ensure you are using Chrome and not Internet Explorer

After you set up your password, please use the following steps to access the design registration portal:

  1. Go to the design registration webpage (
  2. Click on the “register your design” button (this will direct you to the design registration log-in page)
    Register design button

NOTE: Do not select “My account” (This is only to access licensing and permits for contractors)

Do not select my account


Do not select my account


To access your account, please login with your user name (email address) and your password.


Design Registration login



Select your technology to access the appropriate design registration application form.


Select Technology


Complete the form before uploading your designs. Mandatory fields are de-noted by an asterisk (*). If you do not fill in a mandatory field, you will be PROMPTED IN RED to fill in the applicable content before you can submit.


Design Registration - mandatory fields


Upload content in the attachments section by “drag-and-drop” or by clicking on “browse.” The file size limit is 250 MB but can be expanded to fit your needs. If you need to submit larger files, please let us know at

Technical Safety BC can receive the following uploaded files:

  • pdf (secure or unsecure adobe pdf)
  • cw7 (compress file)
  • png (portable network graphic image)
  • jpg (compressed graphic image)
  • jpeg (compressed graphic image)

In future revisions, Technical Safety BC will have the capability to receive other simulation files in addition to pdf outputs: CAESAR II, PVElite, ANSYS, AutoPIPE, SmartPlant and SOLIDWORKS.

Design Registrations - future revisions


At the end of the form, you will be required to state a compliance declaration. Please fill in all content. The submitter of the form should always be the same individual signing off on the declaration. If you have concerns with this process, please contact


Design Registration - declaration


After you click “ Submit,” you can preview your application in the submission preview page. If you need to change any content, use the Back button to revisit the form and change any content before you submit.

Design Registration - preview application


When you press the ”Submit” button again, your submission will be locked and a confirmation window will show that Technical Safety BC received your submission. Your overview page will reflect the new submission and status.


Design Registration - submission received


The overview page can be accessed at any time to see your submission status. When there are updates or status changes to your submission, you will be automatically notified by email.


Design Registration - overview page


How to correspond with Technical Safety BC on your submission

  1. At any time, you can correspond with a Technical Safety BC Engineer on your application.

    You can use the Correspondence icon Design Registration - correspondence icon

  • Request any changes to your submitted content
  • Reply to an Engineer assessing your application
  • Upload additional revisions of your design
  • Request changes to service turnaround times
  1. Open the Admin #
Design Registration - open admin


  1. Click on the Correspondence button. A window will pop-up for you to compose an email style message. All messages will be saved and recorded within your submission window for reference


Design Registration - correspondence button


  1. You can type in a message and drag-drop additional files to revise your content. Every upload will be time-stamped and saved in the attachments section. Should you need to revise any content-related designs, please notify your reviewer through this “correspondence” feature.


Design Registration - drag drop additional files