Gas Appliance Approvals

Technical Safety BC considers applications for product approvals on a case-by-case basis for gas equipment. Where a Canadian-recognized standard or other recognized document (ORD) exists, a certification body recognized by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) will be required to certify the appliance. In cases where a Canadian recognized standard or ORD does not exist, Technical Safety BC may fulfill the product approval process. Alternatively the client may contact an inspection body accredited by the SCC to perform the equipment approval. Note: the appliance must not be placed in operation until it has a label or mark as detailed in section 31 of the Gas Safety Regulations

To arrange for gas appliance approval, please:

  1. Complete the Gas Product Approval Form 500 and,
  2. Submit to any Technical Safety BC office
  3. Contact any one of our offices to arrange to have your equipment assessed.

Non-Certified Appliances

If your appliance is non-certified:

  1. Apply to have your uncertified gas appliance registered,
  2. Once a journal number is issued for that design, you can apply for the Product Approval (formally an SG) Permit.

    Important: the Design Registration Acceptance letter must be submitted with the application. Design registrations are site specific, one time use, and only valid for the installation address identified on the design registration letter.
  3. Once the unit is installed under an installation permit and ready for commissioning an inspection must be requested.
  4. On the fire-up of the appliance, the safety officer will field certify the unit and decal it.

Canadian-Certified Appliances

If the appliance is a newly installed or relocated Canadian-Certified appliance as indicated below, a “Commissioning Approval" only is required in addition to the installation permit. This applies to:

  • Any direct-fired, non-recirculating type, make-up heater;
  • A conversion burner, except if it’s to be installed in a single family dwelling and has an input of 120kW or less;
  • A commercial or industrial conversion burner;
  • Any direct fired equipment; or 
  • A forced draft appliance over 409 600 BTU/hour.

If any appliance receives an upgrade or change when relocated/installed, a commissioning approval request is required.