Public Safety Advisory: Fader Industries

February 23, 2022

Technical Safety BC is issuing a public safety advisory regarding Michael James Fader and Fader Industries. Homeowners, businesses, building and strata managers in BC — particularly in the Lower Mainland, on Vancouver Island, and in the Okanagan — should consult their records to see if they have had gas or electrical work performed by Mr. Fader or Fader Industries and contact Technical Safety BC if they have any safety concerns. It is also possible that Mr. Fader has performed work in other areas in BC. 

While Mr. Fader is not currently authorized to perform regulated gas or electrical work in BC and does not hold a licence to do regulated work in either of these areas, he has conducted installations and repairs without a permit. Significant hazards have resulted from some of Mr. Fader’s work and those risks may have posed serious and sometimes severe safety risks to the public. 

Technical Safety BC is urging the public to come forward with any information regarding work conducted by Mr. Fader or Fader Industries by reporting the hazard on our website or calling 1-866-566-7233.