Transforming Your Certification Experience

Online certification is the next phase in our digital transformation

We're Transforming the Digital Experience for Certification Clients

We’ve been hard at work making improvements to our Online Services, and the release of the new portal for certification will be one of many as we continue to improve your digital experience with us. These changes represent the next step in our multi-year digital transformation project, which aims to simplify processes, remove barriers, and make the safety system more accessible.

The initial release of our new Online Services portal is for those who hold certificates or who plan on applying for certification. If you’re a certified individual, or plan to become one, you have a lot to look forward to when managing your Technical Safety BC certificates online. If you work with us through permits, licences, or any other products, please be patient as we continue to update and improve Online Services for all of our clients.

Accessing Online Services for Certification

Interested in seeing the changes for yourself? Log in now to experience the new Online Services for certification. If you have an existing Online Services account with us, use the same credentials to gain access to the new functionality.

If you are both a license holder and a certificate holder, you will have access to the new certification portal by using your current Online Services account.

If you don’t already have one, register for an Online Services account to gain access to the new features and benefits.

Improvements You Can Expect With Online Services for Certification

Our first release of the new Online Services portal includes changes to both the look and feel of your online certification journey, and comes with many new benefits to support your needs.

Highlights include significant improvements to the certification experience, such as:

  • Faster processing: You'll save up to six days in processing time during your renewal.
  • Online payment: Our simplified application process offers online payment options for your convenience.
  • Exam booking and rebooking: Choose your preferred date, time, and location from available exam time slots. You also have the ability to rebook at your convenience.
  • Monitor the real-time status of your application: View the real-time status of your application without having to speak to a customer service representative or visit one of our offices.
  • Less waiting: You'll receive your certificate up to two weeks sooner.
  • Peace of mind: View your payment records, submitted documentation, and other information about your certificate — all in one place.

We've made the new Online Services for certification as easy to use as possible. But in case you need help navigating all of the new benefits and features, we've also put together a series of instructional videos.

Get Familiar with Online Services for Certification


Navigating Online Services

Navigating My Applications in Online Services

In this video, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • explore the new portal;
  • learn about each section of the portal;
  • find out where you can read messages from Technical Safety BC; and
  • get familiar with navigating back to your non-certification related Online Services account.

Navigating My Applications in Online Services

This video tutorial demonstrates how to:

  • start a new certificate application;
  • find general information about your current or previous certificate applications;
  • view details about your certificate application; and 
  • complete any next steps that may be applicable to your application.
My Applications

Navigating My Applications

My Exams

Navigating My Exams

Navigating My Exams in Online Services

In this video, you'll learn how to:

  • book your exam;
  • review exam details once it’s been booked;
  • rebook or cancel exams;
  • view the results of your exam once you've finished; and  
  • request an accommodation for your exam.

Navigating My Certificates in Online Services

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to:

  • view your certificate once you have successfully completed the steps of your certificate application;
  • see details about your certificate; and
  • renew your certificate.
My Certificates

Navigating My Certificates

The Details

Interested in reading all the new changes being rolled out with the new Online Services for certification? Read a detailed account of each of the improved features below.

New Certificate Application

  • Download and print a copy of your itemized receipt
  • Simplified the look and feel of your application

Exam Bookings

  • Choose to book your in-person exam from an updated selection of exam locations
  • Download and print a PDF copy of your itemized receipt (if applicable)
  • Clear indication about exam cancellation cut-off dates prior to exam booking, rebooking and cancelling (if applicable)
  • View time zones applicable to your exam time
  • Improved look and feel to your accessibility accommodation application (if applicable)

Certificate Renewal Application

  • Download and print a copy of your itemized receipt
  • Complete your certificate renewal with simpler forms
  • Improved available information to inform you when your certificate(s) are ready for renewal

Issued Certificates

  • Download and print a PDF copy of your wall certificate

Web Messages

  • Improved the user interface of your read and unread messages


  • User interface updates
  • Bug fixes

The first release of Online Services for certification includes the following new features.

User Profile

  • View your personal information.
  • View and edit your mailing and billing information.
  • View and edit your home, business, and mobile phone numbers.
  • Indicate your preferred phone number for contact.

New Certificate Application

  • Complete your full certificate application online.
  • Save and exit an application without losing any information so you don’t need to repeat steps.
  • View what documentation is needed for the certificate you are applying for.
  • Add, edit, and delete documentation that proves required training, education, and/or experience relevant to the certificate you are applying for.
  • View the costs associated with a certificate application and submit payments using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
  • Review the details of your application before submitting it to Technical Safety BC.
  • View details about any previously submitted applications, including payment details and previously uploaded documentation.
  • Cancel an application at any time (refunds may not be given depending on how far along you are in the application review process).
  • Update previously submitted applications with additional training, education, and/or experience documentation if information is missing from your submitted application.

Certificate Renewal Application

  • The above functionality and features that are available for new certificate applications also apply to renewal applications.
  • Complete the entire certificate renewal process online, including uploading documentation and submitting payments.

Issued Certificates

  • Monitor the status of your certificate(s) application(s).
  • View important details about your certificate(s), including status, certificate number, and expiry date.

Exam Bookings

  • Complete the entire exam booking process online.
  • Choose to write your exam online or in-person (where applicable/offered).
  • Choose your preferred date, time, and location from available exam time spots.
  • View the number of remaining exam spots while searching for an exam date and time.
  • View costs associated with an exam booking (if required) and submit payments using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
  • View the status of your exam(s). View details about your exam(s), including the name of the exam, the exam date/time and its location (if you opted to write your exam at an in-person location).
  • View the details about your exam bookings, including your exam score and any completed payment (if applicable).
  • Cancel or rebook an exam at your convenience (charges will apply if you decide to cancel after your exam cancellation cutoff date. Refer to our exams policy for more information).
  • Apply for accessibility accommodations for your exam online (such as a request for an exam reader or extra exam time).

Web Messages

  • Receive and view web messages about your application(s), exam booking(s), and certificate(s).
  • Delete messages if you no longer need them.

While this marks the first in a series of updates to Online Services, you can expect to see continuous improvements — we hope you'll stay tuned.