The “Notes” Field in the Declaration Form: Are you Using it Correctly?

The “notes” field in BCSA’s declaration form may seem like an all-encompassing area to add anything from reporting a hazard to a quick happy face, but contrary to popular belief, this is not a catch-all section.  The notes area is meant for use for field safety representatives to convey important information to BCSA’s safety officers.

DO include:

  • Directions to, or about the job location
  • Contact information or access instructions
  • Clarification of work included in the declaration
  • Any other site information the safety officer needs to aware of

DON'T use this field to:

  • Report hazards
  • Ask for an amendment to your permit
  • Cancel your permit

Any matter requiring immediate attention should be communicated directly, through phone, email, or text, to a safety officer.