Enforcement Process

An enforcement action typically begins with the safety officer identifying a non-compliance. Failure to correct the non-compliance may result in enforcement action and, in some circumstances, action may result directly from this initial finding.

The following applies to all of our technologies with the exception of Railways, which is governed under the Railway Safety Act. View Railways enforcement for further details. 

Compliance/Enforcement Action

Technical Safety BC believes that, if given the information they need, safety system participants will take responsibility for technical safety and comply with the Safety Standards Act. We believe that by engaging participants to continually identify ways to improve safety, the system will become self-enforcing. This approach expects the best of people and sets a high standard. However, when duty holders neglect their safety responsibilities, we will intervene through enforcement actions including:

  • Providing warning notices;
  • Issuing compliance orders;
  • Imposing monetary penalties; and/or
  • Issuing discipline orders..

Enforcement decisions by safety officers and safety managers may be reviewed or appealed.

Reviews of Enforcement Decisions

A client may request that an enforcement decision made by a safety officer be reviewed by the provincial safety manager within 30 days of receipt of the decision. To request a review, complete and send the Safety Manager Review Request Form 1077 to any Technical Safety BC regional office.

Appeals of Safety Manager Decisions

To challenge a decision made by a provincial safety manager, including a review of a safety officer decision, an appeal must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the safety manager's decision to the Safety Standards Appeal Board. This is an independent body authorized to hear appeals of certain Technical Safety BC decisions. To commence an appeal or find further information on the appeal process, visit the Safety Standards Appeal Board website.

Note: The appeal and review processes only apply to decisions involving the safety officer or safety manager’s legal authority under the Safety Standards Act. To submit concerns about any other Technical Safety BC conduct, please submit a Complaints and Feedback form.

You can also review previous decisions of the Safety Standards Appeal Board. Visit Safety Standards Appeal Board Decisions.

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