Pilot program: manufactured home sales in Powell River

Welcome to the pilot program with Technical Safety BC and the BC Real Estate Association. If you are on this webpage, you are either selling or thinking of selling a manufactured home that will require an approval mark from Technical Safety BC.

This pilot program will assess:

  1. The ability of sellers and their agents to list homes for sale prior to completion of any work needed on electrical components in the home.
  2. The regulatory requirement for a new approval mark to be in place.

The current regulation requires that manufactured homes cannot be offered for sale unless they display a certification or approval mark. Regulation also requires the work and approval to be performed before the actual sale of the home. This is not changing for this pilot program.

This pilot program is limited in scope and only impacts manufactured home sales in the Powell River area. The pilot program does not apply to any other region in BC, including the Sunshine Coast.

The pilot will end on October 15th, 2021. Any homes with a submitted Variance form prior to this date will be honored under the pilot after October 15until a sale is completed.

Please also see the BCREA webpage for similar information.

What is a Variance?

Technical Safety BC issues Variances to allow for deviations from regulations. The Variance for this pilot program will allow a manufactured home requiring a silver label to be listed for sale prior to the silver label being in place in the home.

The actual regulatory clause is shown below:


32  (1) A safety officer may, if requested by any person, issue, in writing, a variance to the person varying the application of a provision of the regulations with respect to a regulated product or regulated work.

We are providing the use of a Variance for this pilot program to understand if being able to list homes quickly and earlier in the process is a benefit for home sellers.

How to apply for a Variance

Please download and fill in the first sections of the Variance form. These are the “Applicant” and “Manufactured Home Information” sections. Then scroll to the end of the form and add your signature and date.

Once you have completed the above sections, save the PDF and then email it to Technical Safety BC using the email address on the bottom of the form.

Contact us

If you have questions regarding the Variance process, hiring an electrical contractor, or inspections, please feel free to contact us:

Local Safety Officer Dan Kelly

Regional Coordinator Angela Hallgren

Thank you for participating in this pilot program.