Poorly maintained appliance causes commercial kitchen fire

A commercial kitchen fire serves as a reminder to keep gas appliances properly maintained and serviced.

After the incident, a BC Safety Authority gas safety officer investigated to discover that the burner serving the oven was covered with thick soot and a large portion of the burner ports were blocked. The burn pattern and soot on the oven suggested that the gas had been escaping through the primary air shutter and burning outside of the oven compartment.

The investigation is documented in BCSA’s enhanced incident investigation report format that can be accessed through the file below.

Poorly maintained gas appliances can cause wall stains, excessive condensation, poor equipment performance, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and explosions. These can damage homes or businesses and cause injury or death.

The directive on Responsibilities of Building Owners and Gas Contractors states that “according to existing legislation, building owners, landlords and gas contractors all have a responsibility to ensure occupants are safe from any malfunctioning gas equipment or hazards.”