Chairlift Safety

Chairlift safety is important to keep you and your family safe on the slopes during the winter season.

Stay Safe on the Slopes

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a beginner, or parents heading out with young kids for the first time, we recommend you take a few minutes to review our top safety tips for keeping you and your family safe on the slopes this winter season.


10 Safety Tips to Know Before Riding a Chairlift

If you’re hitting the slopes this winter, check out some helpful tips to stay safe while you’re having fun!

Safety Over Selfie

Even though the view is picture perfect, when you're 70 feet above the ground, it's important to know that safety needs to come before selfies.


Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Chairlift This Season

Whether your kids are seasoned athletes or first-time skiers, it’s always important to remind them about chairlift safety.

T-bars and Conveyors

On your trip up the mountain, you may encounter conveyors such as a t-bar or a button pull. Here are a few quick tips for riding these conveyors safely:

  • be on alert - these pulleys come around quickly to scoop you up. Keep an eye on the bar or button as it comes around the corner and be ready to grab hold;
  • once aboard, stay standing for the entire ride. Relax and allow the lift to support you on your way up;
  • keep your skis or snowboard moving straight along the track without weaving. If you fall, make sure to clear the track as quickly as you can; and
  • unload only at the designated unloading area – do not get off before the “unload here” sign.

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