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Each year in BC, we investigate multiple incidents caused by unsafe conditions created by unqualified workers. This can result in costly repairs after the fact, voided insurance, and most importantly, serious risks and hazards to public safety. By using a licensed contractor and ensuring that they are authorized to conduct the work that you require, you are doing your part to protect yourself and others from potential danger.

The Find a Licensed Contractor search tool contains information on all contractors we have licensed, as well as what kind of licence they hold. The scope of work is explained under the licence type (e.g., Gas Contractor Licence) and defines the kind of work that the individual is qualified to perform. In addition to contact details, the registry will display the scope of work that the contractor is authorized to perform and any enforcement action(s) we have taken since 2022.

Using the Find a Licensed Contractor tool, enter in the company name or licence number. Licence numbers can be searched using the following format: LGA1234567. Spaces or dashes should be removed.

If you are looking for a specific contractor and cannot find the company name on the public registry, you may want to ask the contractor if they are licensed and request their licence number, which you can use to target your search.

If you would like to verify that a specific individual working in your home or business is qualified to work with regulated technical systems and equipment in British Columbia, you can use our Find a Certified Individual tool.

Enter in the first and last name of the individual (last name is required). You can narrow your search by also using the drop-down menus to indicate the technical system and certificate type of the individual.

When looking up a contractor in our tool, you may see information about an enforcement action under their profile. We issue enforcement actions to address non-compliant behaviour or conduct. It may or may not relate to unsafe behaviour or conduct.

We use three kinds of enforcement actions:

  • Compliance Orders
    • A compliance order is a statutory enforcement tool which requires a person and/or company to start or stop doing something.

  • Monetary Penalties
    • A monetary penalty is an administrative penalty issued (under section 40 of the Safety Standards Act) to a Duty Holder for specific non-compliance(s), in amounts of up to a maximum of $100,000.

  • Discipline Orders
    • A discipline order is issued under section 42 of the Safety Standards Act, and imposes a sanction on a duty holder that may include suspending, revoking, or adding terms and conditions to a licence, permit, or certificate of qualification.

Only active licences are shown in the public registry. If a contractor is licensed to perform regulated work within our technologies in BC, they will be listed in the registry. If you cannot find your contractor, they may not have an active licence and are not authorized to perform regulated work. Unlicensed work can be reported through our incident form or hazard reporting line at 1-866-566-7233.

If you are hiring a licensed contractor, we encourage you to do your research and choose carefully.

Learn more about compliance and enforcement.

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