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Education and Awareness
Education and Awareness

Managing Safety Risks: Education and Awareness

Education and Awareness

We use our educational events and courses to help build awareness around common hazards, best safety practices, and industry regulations and standards to keep the public and our clients safe.

Adapting our approach to safety education

Technical Safety BC provides safety and technical training across the province. Our insights from safety officer inspections, incident investigations, and direct feedback from clients help us identify education opportunities and design courses. Our courses are designed and taught by industry leaders with the most up-to-date knowledge of regulatory codes, safety best practices, and potential hazards.

The primary mode of delivery for our education has always been in-person sessions, but 2020 turned out differently. Due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic, we adjusted and adapted to the ever-evolving health and safety guidelines. In March, all in-person sessions were put on hold and we launched self-paced online courses and online blended formats to continue delivering education services to our clients, stakeholders and the public, as well as expand engagement and participation in the safety system. 

In 2020, two new codes (2018 Electrical Code and B44 Elevating Devices Code) were adopted in British Columbia. Technical safety BC provided education courses to impart knowledge and prepare Electrical and Elevating Devices professionals for these new codes. These courses started out as regular, in-person courses, but that quickly had to change. We launched online versions at the earliest opportunity to continue to prepare the province for the adoption of these codes.

We hosted two virtual town halls and launched a new course called Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors: Act & Regulations to provide the industry with an overview of the Safety Standards Act, Safety Standards General Regulation and Elevating Devices Safety Regulation, and explain how it applies to the Passenger Ropeway industry.

We also launched a new online course called Getting Started: New Contractors and Regulations to clarify the roles and responsibilities of contractors as they pertain to the Safety Standards Act and associated safety regulations in BC.

Finally, we updated and launched three new top non-compliance courses, one each for Electrical, Gas and the Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Refrigeration industry. These courses shared the top non-compliances that safety officers notice during inspections.

We continued to support our clients across technologies during the pandemic through virtual webinars to keep them up to date on the changes in their industries, and to provide them an opportunity to connect with our safety officers.